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The Pearl of Great Price

What or who would you give up everything for? What is the pearl of great price to you and what is it really worth?

Matthew 13:45-46

“Again the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of great value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.”

This small portion of scripture has such a depth to it that we can so easily miss if we don’t give it the right attention. It reminds me of the mindset taken when coming around the communion table because when I read this scripture I feel that I have to actively apply what is being said to my whole entire being (that’s something I try to do for all scripture but I think this one stands out to me in particular).

When I was a kid I really wanted some Adidas football trainers, I’d never really been in to brands but I was a teenage boy and everyone else was wearing expensive branded trainers. I really wanted this particular pair and I think at the time I would of done anything to get them. I did odd jobs for my parents for small amounts of pocket money and pretty much begged my Mom to let me have them.

When I read this verse it stirs up that very same feeling for me, there’s a tenacity to it that can’t be dulled or withheld.

First of all the merchant is looking for the pearl of great price. How often are we looking? Are we even looking for the pearl in the right place? I want to know Jesus more, I want to be closer to Him, I want him to be the central point of my being. But sometimes I’m looking in the completely wrong places. The Bible tells us that Christ is with us through the Holy Spirit inside of us, it also tells us that if two or three are gathered in the name of God then He is also there! So let’s be honest about this, He isn’t that hard to find.

The second point that I love is that this merchant sold everything, he didn’t just sell some of his stuff and keep a bit incase he changed his mind, he sold EVERYTHING. This guy wasn’t wasting time, he wasn’t messing around. He was tenaciously looking for the pearl and when he found it he would not let go of it, no matter what.

I want to have that passion for Jesus, I want to take hold of Him and never let go.

I pray that you will chase after Him and take a hold of Him, that you would never stop looking for Him and that once you get Him he will be the center and the focal point of all your being.

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