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The new normal?

It’s still difficult to come to terms with what’s been going on in the world over the last few months, in fact someone said “ “ It’s like we went to bed in one world and woke up in another “ I think that’s a really good description because Coronavirus came upon us with such speed and severity!

It seems like no one’s life was untouched, either by having the illness, losing a loved one or just the changes that Coronavirus made to our every day lives. Things have changed! And if we are to believe what the politicians and scientists are telling us, life as we knew it will never be the same again. They say there has to be a ‘new normal ‘

In recent weeks restrictions have started to lift and although we still have social distancing and need to wear face coverings in some places, we have been able to see our children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents again. People have started to go back to work and some children have started to go back to school.

As yet there is no set date for us as church to get back together, but when that happens we know that we too have to make some changes to our ‘normal’ at first that thought is daunting but when you think about it, what a great opportunity it is for us, when we come back together it will be necessary to re-focus and when we are setting our priorities we first of all need to ask God what He wants us to do, what is HIS new normal for us. We should have a real passion for reaching the place that God is leading us to, and we can be certain that if we ask him, he will show us, and from that place we should find real purpose in coming back together.

Over just a few months it feels like everything has shifted, people who have never shown any interest in God have started asking what’s going on? what does all this mean? This is a great opportunity for us, people are scared, they want answers and we have the answers because no matter what is going on in the world God is still God and Satan is still a defeated enemy!

As men and women of faith we should not live in fear, living in fear is not Gods plan for us in fact 2 Timothy chapter 1 verse 7 says:- For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of a sound mind.

I hope that the time we can come together safely is not too far away and I pray that when we do our focus will be on God and his plans for us as we move forward.

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