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The Beatitudes - Part Six

Hey, thanks for joining us for part six of our Beatitudes series. I've really enjoyed writing this series and examining the Beatitudes in more depth whilst researching for it. If you don't already I'd like to recommend using 'Bible commentaries'. Bible commentaries add extra context to scripture and depending on which one you use can provide historical insights, contextual insight and information about the original languages that the Bible was written in.

Lets get stuck into this weeks verse:

Matthew 5:8 (NIV)

8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Lets start where I normally do and look into the Greek origins of the words in this verse. Firstly, we find the phrase 'pure in heart', which is based around the idea of straightness, honesty and clarity. An interesting perspective on this idea is the concept of moral purity, being pure in our values and beliefs. Another perspective that I found interesting also was the idea of having purity in terms of having an undivided devotion to God, a sincere focus and commitment to him.

Spurgeon puts it like this:

“Christ was dealing with men’s spirits, with their inner and spiritual nature. He did this more or less in all the Beatitudes, and this one strikes the very center of the target as he says, not ‘Blessed are the pure in language, or the pure in action,’ much less ‘Blessed are the pure in ceremonies, or in raiment, or in food;’ but ‘Blessed are the pure in heart.’”

The second part of this verse goes on to say 'for they shall see God'. This speaks of a deep intimacy with God and is an amazing reward for giving Him our undivided dedication and devotion. If you are truly pure in heart then you have become free from the restriction/blindness that sin puts upon us, leaving you open to a deeper relationship with God. Biblical scholar Matthew Poole says this on this subject:

“For though no mortal eye can see and comprehend the essence of God, yet these men shall by an eye of faith see and enjoy God in this life, though in a glass more darkly, and in the life to come face to face.”

We can learn from this that a person that is pure in heart can:

  • See God in nature

  • See God in scripture

  • See God in their church family

This all draws back again to a greater intimacy and in turn a greater sense for recognising God in all things in our life. This intimacy should be our motivation for becoming 'pure in heart'.

I pray that this week we might desire to become pure in heart and draw closer to God. I pray that we might see Him in all things and connect with Him on a deeper level.

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