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Maundy Thursday

Welcome to the first of a three part mini-series that we are doing to mark Easter. This week we are going to be taking a quick look at the day known as 'Maundy Thursday' and learning about why we celebrate the day.

So the word 'Maundy' actually comes from the Latin word 'mandatum', which can be translated as 'command'. Which means that if we take the name of the day literally it could be considered as 'command Thursday' - a bit strange right? But why is the word 'command' or 'mandate' being used here? After the disciples and Jesus had shared the last supper, Jesus modelled complete humility by washing each of their feet and he said these words:

John 13:34 (NIV)

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another"

As stated in the verse, this was a new command and one the final teachings that Jesus gave to the disciples before he was crucified and resurrected. In the washing of feet Jesus was modelling an ultimate act of humility that the Prince of Heaven himself was willing to lower himself to wash the feet of his disciples, He was showing them and us the way in which we must love one another without condition.

Maundy Thursday is also an important date in the Christian calendar as it marks Jesus' modelling of communion to the disciples, something that He instructed all of us to uphold and take part in. To this day many churches join together to take part in communion, not only on Maundy Thursday but, on a regular basis to signify their commitment to God and acknowledge the grace and mercy that we have been afforded through the death and resurrection of Jesus.

I can't wait for the day that we can meet together and share communion again (and it's not looking to far away!).

I pray that we might remember the humility that Jesus demonstrated on this day and that we might model that same humility in ours lives. I pray that as we are apart this Maundy Thursday that we might take the time to commune with God as individuals and that He will bless each and every one of you.


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