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Good Friday

Welcome to the second part of our Easter mini-series where we will be looking at the origins of 'Good Friday' - the day that we mark the crucifixion of Jesus. I hope you find this weeks blog useful (it's going to be a little different to usual!).

I want to use one of my favourite resources this week, The Bible Project. The Bible Project have a multitude of resources available, from podcasts to videos to written notes. I wanted to summarise the events of Jesus' crucifixion and I kept being drawn back to this video that they created nearly four years ago:

In the same way that we looked at the humility and love that Christ demonstrated in yesterday's blog when washing the disciples feet, we see here the greatest act of love and sacrifice ever recorded. God himself going to the cross to atone for our sins, to allow us to reconcile with our heavenly Father.

If you want to check out more from The Bible Project then you can find them here:

I found this prayer in a Baptist Union book called Patterns and Prayers for Christian Worship and I feel that it encapsulates a sense of awe and recognition that I often find hard to put into words to describe the emotions and thoughts that surround Good Friday:

God our Father, today in remembrance and awe we tread the holy ground of Calvary:

this place of abandonment that has become the scene of our adoration,

this of place of suffering that has become the source of our peace,

this place of violence that has become the battlefield on which love is victorious.

Father, as we re-live the events of this day it is with awe that we count again the cost of our salvation. Words cannot be found to utter our thanksgiving. Accept our silent adoration; in Jesus name.


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1 comentário

02 de abr. de 2021

Thanks. Great reminder of what our faith is all about. May God bless you for your faithfulness

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